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Message from the Director 2013




   Aichi Synchrotron Radiation Center


   Dr. Eng. Yoshikazu Takeda



Aichi Synchrotron Radiation Center has started its service.

Aichi Synchrotron Radiation Center is an open facility at the center of "Knowledge Hub of Aichi" and its main purpose is to support manufacturing technologies with high-value added.

In cooperation with industry, academia, and local government (Aichi Prefecture), Aichi Science and Technology Foundation is responsible for maintenance, operation of the facility, and user services.

Contrary to the synchrotron radiation facility of academic use, our facility provides a menu of easy-to-use and improved support systems with an emphasis on new users and industrial users.

In Aichi Synchrotron Radiation Center, size and the energy of accelerators are rather small; the circumference of the storage ring is 72m and the energy of electrons in the storage ring is 1.2GeV.  However, by using both superconducting, normal bending magnets and an undulator, it covers from vacuum ultraviolet light to hard X-ray for various applications.  In addition, the booster synchrotron of 1.2GeV enables the top-up operation to maintain a constant current.
   Six beam-lines have been constructed.  At the first stage, three beam lines, BL5S1 (hard X-ray XAFS, X-ray fluorescence analysis), BL5S2 (X-ray diffraction), and BL6N1 (soft X-ray XAFS, photoelectron spectroscopy) have been open for public use since March 22, 2013.  At the beginning of May, BL8S1 (X-ray reflectivity, thin film surface diffraction) and BL8S3 (small-angle scattering) followed. The remaining beam line (Bl7U: vacuum ultraviolet spectroscopy, photoelectron spectroscopy) will be open in September.

Aichi Prefecture, the center of manufacturing industries of our country, aims to sustain continued development, to push forward the scientific and technological innovation, and new industries.  The central base is the "Knowledge Hub of Aichi" and the central facility is the Synchrotron Radiation Center.

Adjacent to the Center in the "Knowledge Hub," 18 advanced measurement and analysis equipment are in operation and trained technicians assist measurement and analysis.  You can choose the best measurement system or combine arbitrarily the systems to obtain the solution.



Yoshikazu Takeda


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