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Facility Overview


1.Experiment Hall

This space is equipped with some devices, such as the accelerators and the beamlines. This area is used for synchrotron radiation analysis.

2.Linear Accelerator

Equipped with the electron gun and linear accelerator. The electrons are accelerated to 50 MeV before being injected into the booster synchrotron.

3.Booster Synchrotron

The electrons injected from the linear accelerator are accelerated to 1.2 GeV and injected into the storage ring.

4.Storage Ring

This accumulates the electrons injected from the booster synchrotron. An electromagnet is then used to generate the synchrotron radiation by bending the traveling direction of the electrons.


6 beamlines are installed by JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency) to be shared by users to perform experiments. Users can also install their own contracted beamlines.

6.Shared Laboratories

These laboratories have testing instruments, such as a draft chamber, that can be shared by users.

7.Test Preparation Room

This is where the test samples are prepared and where post-test processing is performed.


8.Visitor’s Space

Visitors can see a model of the facility and introduction videos. Visitors can also see the entire view of the experiment hall from here.

9.Exchange Space

This rest area is equipped with tables and chairs where users can rest, eat, and drink.

10.Meeting Room

This room is used for symposiums, seminars, and other events.

11.Small Meeting Room

This room is used for symposiums, seminars, and other events.

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