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BL8S1 General Material Evaluation II (X-ray Reflectivity)

Beamline Overview

This beamline quickly, easily, and accurately performs organic and inorganic multilayer film X-ray reflectivity measurement and X-ray CTR dispersion measurement. The diffraction unit is a SmartLab made by Rigaku which has been modified for synchrotron radiation. It is equipped with a two-crystal or four-crystal spectroscopes, and a two-dimensional semiconductor detector (PILATUS 100K) is installed in addition to a counter. This makes it possible to measure epitaxial thin films using incidence conditions for grazing angle to the surface and perform inverse lattice mapping measurement of substrate lattice as well as crystalline evaluation and structural transformation analysis of semiconductor thin film.
Since the BL08S1 is installed with single-crystal spectrograph, the diffractometer is installed on a 2θ optical bench. The energy range when a dispersive crystal Si (111) is used is 9.3 keV to 14.6 keV.

Energy range 9.3 - 14.6 keV (0.13 - 0.08 nm)
Beam size 0.42 mm x 0.14 mm
Resolution (E/ΔE) >2000 @12keV
Photon flux 1 x 1011 Photons/sec @12keV

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