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The accelerator that generates the synchrotron radiation is a electron storage ring with 72 m circumference and has stored electron energy of 1.2 keV and stored current of 300 mA or more. Of the total of 12 installed bending magnets, 8 are normal-conducting bending magnets and 4 are 5T superconducting bending magnets. With these magnets, it is possible to construct more than 15 vacuum ultraviolet and soft X-ray beamlines from the normal-conducting bending magnets, 12 hard X-ray beamlines from the superconducting bending magnets, and more than 4 beamlines using a linearly injecting accelerator. The critical energy from the superconducting bending magnets is 4.8 keV. The natural emittance is approximately 53 nm・rad. In addition, a full-energy booster synchrotron is equipped, which enables top-up injection to achieve constant current operation at the earliest date possible.

  • Linear accelerator (S-band)
    Beam energy: 50 MeV
  • Booster synchrotron
    Electron energy: 50 MeV -1.2 GeV
    Circumference: 48 m
    Natural emittance: 200 nm・rad
  • Storage ring
    Stored electron energy: 1.2 GeV
    Circumference: 72 m
    Natural emittance: 53 nm・rad
    Stored current: 300 mA
  • Normal-conducting bending magnets (8 magnets)
    Peak magnetic field: 1.4T
    Angle of deflection: 39°
  • Superconducting bending magnets (4 magnets)
    Peak magnetic field: 5T
    Angle of deflection: 12°

Synchrotron Radiation Spectrum

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